Simple private debt (hard money first lien) deals - TX,OK, CO,GA,FL,NC,DC, other top 25 MSA

just looking to make loans from 500k- 5 million in decent growing areas.

(we can do small deals in Texas  , min 150k)

1- 3 years


3-5 points

No "pie in sky" promises, but if you give us concise info we can generally give direct answers and feedback without asking for any upfront fees.

borrowers and brokers welcome

214 213 8967

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I have 20 plus new construction jobs all Multi-use Construction all backed by Equity with a Network of Advanced construction system groups. The business book is 250 million in loan amounts. The average job is 12 million loan amounts. 

Proven sponsors. Senior Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled nurse care, Student Housing, Market Rate Apts. All locations in US. Some loans are already in the HUD loan process. 

We are looking for, Equity Short falls and project DEBT. 

Grant Smereczynsky 
770-888-2761 or 770-231-4462

Good Afternoon,

I am looking for financing for the below scenario. Would you have an interest in the following? Please let me know if you can be of assistance.

1. Property located in OKC, OK.
2. Two multis totaling 30 units.
3. Appraised value of $1,000,000
4. Sales price of $900,000
5. Down payment of $100,000
6. Loan amount $800,000
7. Good value play. DSCR of 1.42 with above figures.
8. Personal FICO of 680
9. Requesting short term 1-2 years, 30 year amortization
10. Will refi prior to term expiration

Thank you,

Ed Franklin
Northwest Capital Services, LLC
'Business & Commercial Loan Specialists'
P (509) 994-3230, M-F, 8-5, PT
F (509) 695-1160

Have 2 independent pharmacies that I have been looking for financing for. With the payout on these pharmacies, can pay 16% for 3 years. Just need to know how can we get this done?


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