I have a loan arranged but am short of a security deposit. I need $30,000 for a short time only. The money will be safe as it will be paid into escrow with instructions to repay with interest as soon as the loan is paid in. Email torchy6@gmail.com.

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Hi Michael,

Is this for a deal in USA or elsewhere?

Be well, Ana

It's elsewhere Ana, the brokers are in Canada, the lender in London and the escrow in Cyprus.


Hi Michael,

The way the deal looks like structured and the small amount you seek - $30K - I need to pass.

If by any chance the deal does not close and you need lender, send me summary of deal for review.

I have lending group that can do Cyprus.

And how are you in terms of the deal? Co-broker?

Be well, Ana

Hi Ana, I am the principle of the project, the loan is for $3M working capital pending the funding process. Only the escrow is in Cyprus. Please email torchy6@ gmail direct for further information.



If you are okay with 5% interest rate, Contact me lets discuss.


Mitch Bedke

Thanks for your reply Mitch, 5% is fine, I will be in touch.



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