Short Term Funding: $16500 US Dollars for legal fees (Due Diligence) to secure loan.


I have three hospitality, tourism and accommodation proposals which have received approval for funding from a Lender.

I require $16500 US Dollars to pay legal fees for Due Diligence.

I will repay funds at 100% ROI to a Lender.

The loan period will be a maximum of 3 months.

Full details of the three proposals attached with email correspondence from Lender available separately for genuine enquiries.

Once this gets of the ground I have two E-Nose Scent based technology proposals ready for development which will return hundreds of millions to an investor for a $5 million VC contribution.

Happy to link an arrangement with my immediate need above and the longer potential (1-7 years) of the E Nose technology proposals.

Full details available.


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