Seeking to fund two hotel projects! First position or equity participation with buyout.

I am looking for funding for two mid-level hotel projects that will be national flagged properties. Either a first position with strong above market rates or equity participation with a firm buyout. We are interested in any ideas or suggestions. Time is of the essence so if this might fit please respond quickly. Thanks,

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If you would be willing to give me the chance I would love to have a look at this deal and see what we can do. If the deal is right we can close extremely fast.

We work with over 50 lenders and are getting the most competitive rates out there due to our close relationships. 

Rates are the moving target. After I see the deal put together I will get feelers within the day. Trust me, I will get you the best the market has to offer.

If you would,Please email me a summary of the setup to We have closed this year alone on several hotel deals flagged and not.  

I will not let you down.



Hi Leah,

Sorry about the delay in answering. I have been away from the site. This needs asset based lending to make it work. Let me know if that will fit and I will forward the information.




I would love to have a look at it,  please send over the summary and I will let you know what value we can add.

Looking forward, 



If you would send over the summary I would love to look it over and let you know what we can do.

I'll get back to you within a day.

please send to

Looking forward to working with you!


Hey Jim, not sure if this is still in play. I'd like to know more about your plan and what you had in mind to get this deal closed. There is capital out there that have different interest more than is being put out in the open market. I'll be happy to review if there is a tangible way to help fund and leverage my options.

Best Regards,

Chris Cambridge

Chris it is. I will forward the summary. It does require an asset based lender..




Good afternoon,
My name is Felix from Business Finance. Are you still looking for funding for your project? Please go ahead and submit your information and Courtney Lawrence a Finance specialist will contact you at your earliest continence.
Courtney Lawrence:
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I'd like to hear more about your project.  Where are the hotels located? What are the financials of the property?  I have investors looking for good solid projects and Private Lenders that will do 100% JV eguity finance or we can find a creative structuring depending on the needs.  If you are still looking to fund this project then contact me direct:

Utmost consideration,

Andrew Hofing

Thanks Andrew. We are still looking for funding. I will send you a summary.

Let me know what you think,


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 Ron Coleman



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