Seeking Short Term Refinance While Our Latest Rehab is On the Market

We have completely rehabbed a house we bought from HUD in Lone Tree, IA, 15 miles from Iowa City which went back on the market on in mid-May.  Our initial private loan was for 6 months ending August 1, 2013. Our private lender would like to move on to other ventures and has asked that we refinance this loan. 

We expect this property to sell within 160 days.  The two closest comps sold in 60 and 90 days respectively.  It is $3000 below comparable houses that have sold recently at $129,900, but we will drop the price if it does not have an offer by mid-summer.  There has been regular activity looking at this home, including one prospective buyer that is interested in making an offer as soon as their home in another town nearby gets an acceptable offer. 

What we need is $66,500 for 6 to 12 months.  We expect that by November or December at latest we will be able to cash out this loan.  These funds will be well protected as we have $40,000 of our own money in the deal which will get repaid last when the house is sold. 

We can send you all the information you need about the property, the initial loan and the underwriting that was done on that loan.

Liz Nichols


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Dear Ms. Nichols,


We can probably arrange the loan you are seeking, please send the details to


Thank You

Dwight Shook

Ms Nichols,

We can secure funding for the refi you seeking, please send infomation to



Hi Elizabeth,

I am sure that I am able to assist you with your funding for the Refin....  Please contact me with the full details...

Thank you,

Sherry D. Beck
Peabody Chase Consulting LLC
757.696.7238 (Direct)
1.888.577.0920 EXT 1

Hello Elizabeth - We should be able to assist.

Can you please send details to

Thank you - Linda



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