Seeking Refinancing of Single Family Rental Portfolio- Tampa Area $750,000

Real Estate Investor needs first mortgage refinancing on one or more of 16 single family homes in Zephyrhills, Dade City, Land O Lakes and surrounding towns (Tampa Florida Suburbs). Each of these properties is rented for one year leases for between $505-$1,240 per month. Your $30,000 - $70,000 loan for each home or package loan of about $750,000 would be conservatively secured by a first mortgage on one of these properties valued at $70,000 - $150,000 each. Conservative loan to value of 65% based on conservative current values.  Package loan would be considered as well.

I am Ivy League College (Cornell) educated and Duke MBA graduate.  My credit score is now approximately 760 and I have never made a late payment in my entire life.

I bought these homes as foreclosed properties from banks and remodeled them.  These properties were  remodeled nicely and then rented to working people. Looking to refinance the properties so that I can purchase more foreclosed properties. 

Please contact me for further information. PLEASE CALL ME OR EMAIL ME AS I DO NOT CHECK THIS FORUM ON A REGULAR BASIS.  Thank you for your consideration.



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Manhattan, New York, NY $4,500,000 hard money to perm loan use for construction of 12 condominium units

Manhattan, New York, NY $4,000,000 hard money for construction of 20,000 square feet mixed used building

Queens, New York $1,512,000 for construction of a five-unit condominium

Morristown, NJ $118,000 purchase and $20,000 rehab of a two-family short sale investment, 100% for the purchase, 70% ARV, refinance into a rental property at a 4% rate, current value $393,000.

Chicago, Northside Lake Front, IL $3,500,000 loan to acquire a 180-unit apartments 4 stores mixed used building

Chicago, Southside, IL $105,000 hard money to perm purchase and rehab of a 6-unit multifamily property, ARV $308,000

Macon, GA $249,000 for a real estate wholesaler to purchase and rehab two-story single family into a rental

Denver, CO $154,000 REO purchase for a two-family property

Reno, NV $304,000 purchase and rehab of a four-family rental

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