I'm a REI investing in Florida.  I'm looking for loans to finance my deals. I'm searching for great cash flow properties for renting.  I have now a contract on a SFH in Fort Pierce for 27,500$ with a lease agreament of 795$/mo.  I want to buy more properties and I need funds for that,


Jacques Adam

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We have a great program that may work for you...

I'm seaching for funds for my investments in real estates in USA.  I have an excellent credit (Equifax: 768pls).

Please, give me more info on your program.


Jacques Adam

What email do you want it sent to?

Hi Fred.

My email address is:  jacquesadam01@yahoo.ca

Hello Jacques - I may be able to assist!

  • Fast 24-Hour Approvals 
  • Funding in as little as 2 weeks
  • 0% Introductory Interest Rate Specials
  • No Financials Needed - No Collateral Necessary
  • Bad Credit? No Problem. Use a Business Partner

Receive $10,000 - $1,000,000 in as little as two weeks! No financials or collateral required.

Visit our online info site with instant appllication for 24hr approval at  LegacyFinanceNeeds

Contact me direct if you would like!

Linda King, Owner
Legacy Asset Solutions
6420 Rea Rd., Suite A1340 Charlotte, NC 28277
407-340-2319 cell EDT

Hi Linda.

I'm very interesred to have more info.  I'm looking for a couple of SFH 3/2, in Ohio with an excellent cash flow (350-400$/mo), betwenn 35000-40000$.  I'm apartner of PCI who find the deals, rehab, rent and manage them.

Send me info at:jacquesadam01@yahoo.ca


Jacques Adam

Hello Jacques, we offer a fast closing/funding on any purchases 100k and below. No credit is needed, you are required to come in with 35% of the purchase price and we fund the remaining amount. You can close within one week and this funding is available for as many investments as you would be involved with.




did you receive my information?

Thank Fred.

I forgot to mention you that I'm a canadian Citizen investing in USA.  Is it any problem with that?




Our firm can lend to foreign nationals and can loan to an LLC as well.

not a problem - give me a call 321-368-5564

Hello Linda.

I'm a R.E. investing in Florida.

Can you send me your terms and conditions at: jacquesadam01@yahoo.ca


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