Seeking Lender for Residential Development in Beverly Hills, CA 90210

I am seeking a direct asset based lender for 3 High End Residential projects in Beverly Hills, CA 90210 for loans to $7M. 

Plan: Build an 8,500 SF Residence in Bev. Hills ,CA - ARV = $7.5M

Requirements: $3.4M in 2 phases ($600k/$2.8M). Lot Split 

Collateral: Current appraisal at $3.5M with $2.4M in Equity. Post Split     Val $5.5M+. 

2nd Project: Spec home purchased a year ago with an ARV of $5.5M. Need to replace current financing $2.3M and secure a $1.5M construction loan.  IN ESCROW. THANK YOU.

Seeking funding from an established entity with competitive rates and fast closing, Will consider small equity position

Project Summary and appraisals available upon request - Experienced Developer

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