I am looking for a hard money lender interested in funding high cap rate mobile home parks in several states mostly in the southern US.

I'm seeking quick closing short term loans (6 month) but I am open to options

Most loans will be below $1M with Cap rates above 10%

If interested please contact me at gallocorp80439@gmail.com.

I look forward to working with you

John Galloway

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Hi  John Galloway :

Please visit USA ECC Entrepreneur Capital Corporation for your related funding application directly :



David Lee

Hi John,

We may be interested if the projects can be financed in groups of $5 million and higher.

It will help a great deal if the buyer can contribute 10-20% cash towards the acquisitions and the buyer is not behind on any accounts and no judgments.

If interested, please forward a summary of the projects.

Jay Clark, AE

Diversified Funding, Inc



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