Seeking Investors who have $200,000 to $20 Million - Secured @ 100%

I am seeking JV partners and Investors who want to in Private Direct Banking - 

All funds are secured on bank contract and have insurance.  Direct access to platform managers that do regular buy/sell transactions and have closed tremendous deals.

NOTE: This is a joint venture agreement, our partner investment bank will pull funds into the deal to secure the transaction and close large deals.

The structure works as a 4/100 Ratio.  Which means for every $4 M invested, our investment partner will provide $100 M towards the designated bank programs.  

For smaller caps such as $200,000 - the transaction is equivalent to $5 Million.  

I also offer a JUMBO CD (Cash deposit) NOT to be used to secure the loan, but to demonstrate the ability to do business with the investors for an additional 5% for each investment they pull in.  

In essence, to secure a $200,000 CD with your bank, which will help you build banking relationship with your banker, and yes WE WILL pay you the interest collected on the CD, the cost is only 5%.  

I have several leveraged programs that always provide safety for our investors and several program managers that have great performance.  From attorneys, to direct banking relationships, we can help with the investors who have at least $200,000 and up to $20 Million for a managed program of $500 Million!  Hop in to piggy back on some great deals!

As per law, I cannot directly advertise returns, and this will only be done once client demonstrates the ability to invest.  I look forward to helping you invest your money!

Contact me for more details --->

BROKERS PAY ATTENTION: If you have investors and want to help them invest securely and safely, contact me for overview of all our programs and we can set you up.  

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