Seeking Investors for a New Adult Entertainment Venue in NE Florida

My name is Chris Williams and I have worked in and around Adult Entertainment in every role possible over the past 22 years. In that time I have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly in our industry. As such I began a pet project that has become the concept and design I now have on paper and is ready for the next step of its evolution.

My goal is to bring the combination of all the Good aspects of the varied clubs and markets I have worked in or visited and throw out the bad and the very ugly to create the ultimate Adult Ultra Style Venue. This concept I have named Omega West.

35000 s ft of Adult Entertainment and its support stages, actually designed from the ground up as an Adult Entertainment Venue, not a converted building as 98 percent of our Industry ends up being forced into. Eco friendly with Grid tied PV systems to offset Power costs, Porous Asphalt sections to eliminate pooling of potential ground water unable to reach the ground.

A separate restaurant and dining room for those who wish to dine without being in the club atmosphere, and a dining terrace for those who wish to dine while in the club itself.

A full Business plan is completed, as well as our proposal to the target county and a full menu for viewing.

The area is home to special events that flood the market with tourist money at various times of the year as well as being in the Sunshine State.

A total amount of $10,000,000 dollars is sought to bring this Venue into full operation with a low end estimate cash flow of $600,000 after expenses, for a 6 percent profit on the invested monies.

Adult Entertainment has been in a morass over the last 30 years in this region, and its time to break it free of the stigma that has held the Industry in 1989.

Thank you for your time.

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