I'm looking for someone who has, or has access to, high-end, single family homes +$500k, especially in the arena of short sales.

We are looking for our "boots on the ground." My team and I are looking for short sales that are going to fall through, and wind up going to auction. We work what we like to call our "Commission Saver Program:" we work to save the commission of the listing agent, the buyer agent, and get the house that the buyer had been waiting months to get via short sale, but for whatever reason, it fell through.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in this, please get back to me.


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I am able to get you the loan with the best rates possible for your situation.

Email for more information!!!


In you place i don't know yet some real estate or service that giving short sales but in my place in Finland there are many service that offer short sales and single home family in fact it is one of the main choice  at http://www.uudiskohde.fi/ and this has a nice result of percentage base on the report.


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