Seeking genuine Joint venture investor for REO or short sale flagged hotels from the bank

Looking for a equity partner where the investor would initially function as the investor for 100% of the project cost (to buy direct from the bank or existing owner) and we serve as equal sweat equity partners. We not only have the experience in the hotel industry to manage the asset(s), but are also professionals with high ethics and principles so there is no intention to screw anybody

This is for somebody who understands investment in the hotel industry today in USA where lots of existing owners are unable to service the debt originally taken at the peak period (2006-2009)

We are also open to UAE (Dubai) market where in some cases occupancy levels are above 90% and ADR is pretty high as well

In exchange for funding 100% of the Project, Investor will receive 100% of the Project net profits until such time as the investment amount has been repaid to the investor. There would be NO DEBT SERVICING on this program. From the point, the equity is paid, sharing of the profits would be 50 50 for the life of the project usually 5 to 8 years

Note: Value for a note would normally be 60-70% of appraisal value of the asset. 

If you are serious and want to work with somebody for mutually beneficial purpose, then please email me  initially and I will provide further contact information. No mandatory upfront fee please

Investment amount can be anywhere from 3M-100M per transaction and depending on the location within USA and if it is UAE, then it starts from 30M

Latif Kassam

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