Seeking funding for purchase of residential investment properties in Florida.

Real estate investor seeking funding for purchasing and flipping, rehabbing properties that I acquire at 50-60% of the fair value market.

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Need Funds to Close a Deal? Flip Properties using Unsecured Credit Lines! Get Up To 100k Within 10 Business Days! Unsecured, No Income Verification, Interest Rates as Low as 8.99%, No Upfront Fees!

H.O.P.E. Realty has business credit lines products available, with terms to help optimize your Real Estate investing strategy!

Are you tired of paying high interest rates to hard money lenders, or giving up half of your profits to a funding partner? Our unsecured credit lines can be used to purchase, rehab, and flip real estate, allowing you to leverage our resources to do more deals, and increase your bottom line on each and every property.

By leveraging the resources of our lenders, you can take advantage of more investment opportunities in your market, flip more properties, and increase your profits. If you're looking to become a major contender in your local real estate market, fill out the form on the right, and one of our trained consultants will contact you within twenty four hours.

You may draw on and make payments on these business credit lines as many times as you need to, which means once you’re approved, you can flip multiple properties with the same capital! This can save you from the transactional cost of working with a hard money lender by paying “upfront points”.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me directly via e-mail for more information and a short 1 page Pre-qualification form today:

Low Interest Rates
-Rates as low as 8.99%! 0% Interest rates for the first 6-12 months!

Unsecured /No Collateral 
-Businesses do not need to leverage their assets to acquire capital.

Stated Income/No Docs Required
-Simple two page application, no income verification.

No Restrictions on Use
-All of our products can be used same as cash. We do not burden our clients with vendor trade lines (I.E. BP credit lines, Office Depot credit lines).

Funding in as Little as 15 Days!
-Quick Approval Process! This means start-ups can take advantage of opportunities in the market faster, putting our clients ahead of their competitors!

No Upfront Fees!
-We do not charge our clients for submitting an application!

Lines will not report to personal credit bureaus
-Drawing these credit lines will not affect your debt/credit ratio, thereby sheltering your personal credit for personal necessities (auto loans, mortgages, student loans, personal credit cards). 

Contact us today for more information at:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 5:18 PM
                                  HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                 PUT THOSE DEAD DEALS BACK ON THE TABLE
                                     AT LAST CHANCE FINANCIAL, WE PUT YOU 1ST        
                             CALL DERRICK BRANCH FOR INFO
                                                            office 773-257-7481
+ 500k min loan amount, no max for real estate and 100k min to 10mill max for all other business
+ 5% fixed rate
+ 10 year term with no real estate
+ 25 year term with real estate
+ Interest only pmts
+ Non recourse
+ 15 point origination
+ Not credit driven, credit problems ok
+ Discharged BK OK
+ No residential real estate needed for collateral
+ 72 hour approvals
+ 45 days to funding
+ 1% fee due after approval
+ Docs needed include:
    + Application
    + Fee agreement
    + Business plan, ideally less than 10 pages
    + Pro forma
    + Executive summary
It's OK if business is not incorporated yet. It does need to be incorporated and business account set up before closing.

Ms. Clement-John

I you haven't secured funding for your project, I would like to review them.

Below are our guidelines

Non-Owner Occupied Rental Deals:

- Acquisition of a Single Family, Duplex, Triplex or Quad
- Property MUST be titled in corporate name
- $50k up to $500k
- LTV up to 70%
- Rates typically 9.50% – 9.75%
- Fixed 2, 3, & 5 year terms
- 25 year amortization
- Lender will fund with credit scores as low as 600
- Is not a fix and rent loan or refinance

Cash Out Refi of Non-Owner Occupied Rental Deals:

- Two year seasoning
- Property MUST be titled in corporate name
- $50k up to $500k
- LTV up to 70% based on appraisal
- Rates typically 9.50% – 9.75%
- Fixed 2, 3, & 5 year terms
- 25 year amortization


Stephen Mitchell

AMCKA Property Investments, LLC

512-489-4443 ext 10

I not only represent a fund, the owner of the fund is a personal friend that has allow me to market and underwrite their program; first this is not a line of credit or an joint venture with a 50/50 split. This nationwide program is a swift solution (3-5 day to fund) for real estate investors with no advance fees to worry about. Thank you, I welcome working with you.


    Lending for Real Estate Investors Nationwide (Short Sales, REOs, Auctions)


  • 100% of the Purchase base on a 60% ARV
  • Property Types: 1-4 family, wholesale purchases, short sales, REO, Multifamily, Mixed Used
  • Terms: 12 Months Interest Only with No Pre-Pay Penalties
  • Fico 650, experience will always trump your fico or your financials
  • Rate 10% to 13%, no monthly payments
  • No tax returns or Bank Statements requirements
  • Points 2-3, points that can be rolled inside the loan
  • Loan amounts: $50,000 to $5M
  • The loan can be refinance or flipped: No Pre-Pay Penalties
  • 24 hours for an email quote
  • Commitment letter for your          seller much better than a POF
  • Contract issue the same or next day
  • Funding: within 3-5 days


Resume, 1003, Breakdown of the rehab, recent appraisal or BPO or comps






Have a Powerful Day

George R. Mallory,

VP of Finance, Underwriter

Mobile: 917-653-5215

Fax: 917-591-4601



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