Funding is sought in three phases for the historic Skykomish Hotel renovation project:

1. $400,000 USD Hard Money loan with a 40% LTV and pre-paid interest at market rate terms. Loan proceeds will clear all liens and encumbrances and allow us to exercise our ‘Right of Redemption’ on the historic Skykomish Hotel which expires Monday, March 14, 2016. This loan will be secured by a first lien.

Links to view EPO on our encrypted cloud service:
EPO Exhibits:

2. Following completion of phase 1, $1,928,000 USD Construction Financing will be needed at market rate terms. Proceeds will be used to complete ongoing renovations.

Link to view the ProForma on our fully encrypted cloud service:

3. Take-Out funding with a 70% LTV is sought at market rate interest, 20 year amortization and balloon in 5 years to retire both Hard Money and Construction Financing loans as renovations are concluded on or about November 18, 2016.

Link to view the complete and detailed Development Financing Proposal on our fully encrypted cloud service:              

Please contact me directly with any questions, comments or feedback. If this just isn’t right for you, we’d appreciate your forwarding it to colleagues and competitors who may be interested.

Thank you.

Cate Riley
Email: manager (at) investorspropertyservices (dot) com
Cell: (206) 650-9904

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Hi Garret

I just left a message at the above number.

Thank you.

Cate Riley

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