I am an experienced broker and note buying looking for funds or a partner to buy local loans in New England. I look for performing loans but also buy NPNs, looking for at least $500,000 from a reliable source to be secured by the notes & mortgages that I purchase. Contact Russ@TFMortgageinvestors.com.

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Hi ,
I Represent a (Private JV Equity Firm) in NYC. I offer Virtually 100% Funding, in trade with 10% Refubdable Deposit from Client. Which is held in a U.S. Bona Fide Escrow Acct, that is held until final profit is realized,at end of the Funding process. In trade we take a JV Stake in the Project,for up to 36monts ,or until you buy us out. NO INTEREST PAYMENTS ,FOR THE ENTIRE TERM. We Are JV Equity Partners. We can close in 4-6 weeks with , only exec,plan,Experience, 10% DP refundable funding Deposit.
No Credit,6 month bank statements,Tax Returns, required ,accept to verify 3 day verification of the 6% funds.
Please contact me to discuss your funding needs ASAP.
Matt Picone;
We fund from $5M and Up to $500M


If your looking for a working capital loan for you business we can help. These loans can be used for things like inventory acquisitions (think Fix and flips), legal fees, equipment purchasing, website building, any business expense. From Start ups to companies that have been around for years we got you covered.

The questions we need answers to:

How long have you been in business? 
How much did you gross in the last 6 months and in the last year? (if applicable) 
What is your FICO range?
Any bankruptcy or things we should know about up front?


O: 800.278.1239 ext. 700

C: (919) 901-0872


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