Seeking Contributions for My Crowd Funding Campaign....

I am beyond excited to introduce our new enterprise to you.  We are Draw Affordable Homes, and our mission is to find innovative ways to offer affordable housing for families who may be recovering from economic setbacks, or who without help would be unable to obtain a home for their families.

Our program provides families with an opportunity to rent homes at rates well below market value with the caveat that renters commit to dedicating a certain amount of hours to the redevelopment of their new community. 

It is our belief that an initiative like this can be a catalyst for economic change and development.  It can also offer families a rare opportunity to restructure their lives and finances, while making a positive contribution to the improvement of their neigborhood. 

We have just launched our first crowd funding campaign to raise money to fund this initiative.  We welcome any contribution you are able and willing to make.  If you would like to read more about our program, you can visit our campaign at

We would very much like to discuss this program with you and determine how we can work together to provide new opportunities to help families and communities thrive.

Again please visit us online or feel free to contact us at 708-374-8787.

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