There’s an International Airport Carpark project in Thailand in need of $35M equity participation construction funding. The Airport Authority saw the need to expand the existing parking capacity due to the plan to build phase 3 terminal which would increase passenger traffic and worsen the problem.

The sponsors won the contract to build operate transfer (BOT) the new parking facility, with the right to operate for 14 years (+ 1 yr. of construction). The contract is 100% secured.

Currently there are 2,700 parking spaces in the existing parking structure and the estimate to meet future demand is figured at a total of 4,800 spaces. The new planned parking facility will have 110,114 sq. ft. in size in a 12 stories bldg. adding another 2,735 parking spaces to the existing 2,700 totaling 5,435 parking spaces which is more than the estimated future demand.  The new parking structure will have high tech features such as: Real-time Monitoring, Parking Guidance System, Parking Management System, License Plate Recognition System, Closed Circuit TV and Mobile Application.

Recent due diligence has been carried out already. The legal matters were handled by an English international law firm Watson Farley and Williams. The technical was carried out by an international engineering firm Meinhardt. The financials were handled by Deloitte. All three firm has offices in Bangkok Thailand and familiar with the country regulations.

The total cost to build is $40M USD.  Sponsor’s has invested $5M to $7M already into the project and partial construction and pilings are completed. They prefer $35M equity funding or another option is to acquire $10M of initial funding and a Thai bank will fund the balance which is approximately 60%-70% of the investment. Principals are keeping their options open and will consider debt or equity programs.

Annual income based on existing parking structure is projected at $10,970,076 USD / yr. less 20% for overhead and or operating costs of $2,194,015 which equates to $8,776,061 of annual revenue. Repayment strategy is from the stabilized income generated.

There’s a high barrier to entry location for competitors taking a market share to this opportunity because any available land is controlled by the Airport Authority and as far as they are concerned there are no lands available in the foreseeable future. A Lloyd's of London political risk insurance will be in place for the contracted life of the project.

As an intermediary I am direct to the sponsors who are based in Thailand and they are experienced developers and operators with several government projects and Public Private Partnership projects accomplished worldwide but mostly in Asia lately. 

I hope this project is within some of the members wheelhouse and interested enough to move forward!


Jesse Arquero

Email: jesse@meghacapital.com

Phone: 512-807-8768 

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