I wanted to reach out to you to see if you could help me with a project, or know someone in your network that might be able to help me (feel free to send this to anyone you'd like).
We know you receive hundreds of emails daily, and pray you take the time to read this and realize how it will effect the lives of people.
We are seeking $25,000 seed money for a non profit start up.  This money will be used to "puchase" a non performing 501c3 company and reposition to our specific objectives.  The additional money will be used to hire a grant/security specialist to raise 3m in contributions.
With this money, we will be buying distressed multi family apartment complexes and using the grant money and additional money from the Veterans Administration to provide housing to low income and "homeless" Veterans.
This is not a traditional not for profit mentality.  The only true cost will be the $25k of seed money, the rest will be provided for by the grants and rents from the Veterans we service.  Upon accquisition and repositioning of the 501c3 and funding from the first grant, the seed money will be returned (in less that 12 months).
Ideally we would like this to be a low interest loan, or donation, but will consider all offers.
Hundredes of Veterans are counting on us to make this happen!
Kyle Tanner
Tanner Properties
Burbank, CA

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Great thanks Mark.

I'll email you direct.


I do not know if you have found the funds you are seeking or not.  If not my company does 100% financing, no upfront fees, can work with credit ranging from 550-680.  Funding within two weeks, 24hr approvals.  Email me a jcollins.iowa@gmail.com if interested.

Yes, still looking.

Good morning, We can help you. Please you contact me at your earliest convenience at 717-245-855.

You can reach my partner as well:

Courtney Lawrence

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Felix Lopez


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