Seeking $1M in Equity for Multifamily Real Estate Acquisition

Trade Winds Real Estate is proud to announce the syndication of TimberChase Apartment Homes, a 94-unit multi-family property in Birmingham, AL. This property is fully-stabilized with 99% occupancy but still has significant upside potential which will be achieved through strategic improvements and upgrades to the property and unit interiors. Our strategy is to make these improvements, raise rents, hold the property for cash flow, and look for an opportunistic sale in five to seven years. This is an excellent opportunity for investors to make a solid, predictable return with the tax benefits of real estate.

Please look at this brief summary of the investment and a list of our current properties. If you are interested in investing or have any questions, please email or call me and I can send you the full Executive Summary. I look forward to hearing from you.

-Peter Spiro
Trade Winds Real Estate
914 393 3732

P.S. Note that we are seeking equity funding, not debt, and that we (the deal sponsors) will be putting in at least $100K of our own money.

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Your email says minimum $10M. I am only looking to raise $1M.


my email is:

Please send info to regarding your multi-family listings

ty in advance for your assistance

Thank you to all who replied. This deal is now fully funded.


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