We are an American company seek funding for unique real estate re-development projects in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Each our unique project will require $100 -$200K with solid rate of return for your investment.  We are eager to go over our unique project and discuss your terms.  We have well-experienced Mexican attorney and developer to assist with these transactions and exit strategy. 

Please contact me for additional information.


+1 612.860.5143

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I seek clarification regarding your post (below).

$100k - $200k seems awfully low.

What's the cost to complete the entire development, if that's what it is, how much do you have in it, is this a stalled development you own or acquired and what's the current valuation vs the completed project?

Are there pro-forma projections? If stalled / partially occupied and cash flowing do you have past 12-24 mo + ytd financials?

Entitlements done y or n if 1st shovel?

Are you looking for equity, mezz or a bridge / construction loan?

PM me please or better yet call number on blue bar upper right corner of contact page at


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