I'm looking for a loan of 157 million $ funding a project in  Egypt
Project details:
 Leading Egyptian and Gulf markets for first region copper tube plant For producing
ACR (Air conditioning and Refrigeration) copper tube industry is one of the most demandable feeding industries in the world.
This type of copper tubes involves in making A/C, Car A/C, Hospital Gas Tubes, Oil and Gas, Power Stations and more of the vertical industries.
 I can provide a bank guarantee (BG = face value)  110 %  of loan value (100 % for the loan + 10 %  for interest and costs incurred) over 172,700,000.00 US from an AA+ rated bank as security to lender's bank. 
We can provide the BG from the following Bank
HSBC Hong Kong, 
Barclay London, 
Standard Chartered Bank Dubai, 
JP Morgan Singapore, 
Wells Fargo Dubai and Frankfurt/Main Germany, 
Commerzbank Germany. 
The BG ( face value) will be issued with +110% (172.7 M ), including the annual loan interest and all costs. In addition, the BG can to be extended to 5 years. Therefore the we are looking  loan to be paid out at 100% (= 155.7 million $). Term: 1 year renewable up to 5 years
Because the cost of issuing BG will be about 2.5 - 3 % from face value (about 4 M $) we will not issue the BG before finding the real lender who have the fund available on his bank
After project reviewing and DD process we expecting for the lender to issue LOI This LOI automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract after both parties shall lodge the executed contract with their respective banks.
or issue a bank statement letter for loan against the BG. Before issuing the BG But after contracting 
 We don't want to monetize the BG. The lender must have the funds to 100% for paying out the loan.  We can repay the total loan within 1 year.

 Thank you 

Mohamed EL-Sawy


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Do you need a loan at 2% interest?If yes E-mail us on larrystonelendingcenter@yahoo.com.hk with Name,Country,Amount Needed,Duration&Tel.

Please send me your detailed term sheet on



Mohamed El Sawy



hello Mr.El Sawy, 

we can arrange loan against your BG @ 8% to 10% PA. we can give you 70% of the BG value.

we can monetize the BG. we give 68+2 @ 8% to 10% PA. Funder bank:Name of Bank HANDELSBANKEN-VALLINGBY
Bank Address BOX 4 SE-162 11 VALLINGBAY SWEDEN

direct swift mt 760 after the funding agreement signed by the two parties.

payment will be made from:BANK NAME: Arab African International Bank
BANK ADDRESS: 44, Abdel Khalek Tharut Str., Cairo
within 5 to 7 working days.

You can meet the Funder in Cairo, open account in his bank receive the money right after swift mt 760 within 7 working days.

i dont think any funder would give you 100% + show 100% POF before you issue SWIFT MT 760.

if interested kindly contact me with your project details+LOI+BG details to my email: reach2trading@gmail.com



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