I have a client that has poor credit but is seeking a loan to purchase investment property and is willing to use his house for collateral.  The property is stand alone, owned free and clear and is not his primary residence.  If you can do this loan contact me via email or call 910-587-1157.  Thanks.


Ha'Son Allah

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Maybe we can help. Check out my site, and fill in the information at the right. Hope we can get it done for you.

Charles A. Smith

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what is his house worth? 

Hi Derrick,

Thanks for responding.  Candidly, it is difficult to determine.  The property is located in a small city here in North Carolina, a place called Godwin.  The difficulty in determining the properties value lies in the lack of sales in the that city, there just aren't really many comparable's.  Having said that, my best guess would be approximately $75 to $85,000.  

The owner is willing to sell it for $52,000 which may be a good price, but without the comps I could not verify the value of the property.  As he has explained to me, his primary desire is to get a loan against the property so that he could make some repair to it and possibly sell it then for a price between $86 and $100 plus or invest in a rental property.

These statements may not have cleared things up too much about the property, but if you are still interested in knowing more about this property and the possible loan scenario, simply reply to this message with your contact info and I will arrange for you to discuss the details with the property owner himself.  Thanks.


Ha'Son Allah

Hello Ha'Son Allah

Saw your posting online. I am a private lender willing to work with you. Flexible repayment terms and a timely closing schedule. We offer at minimum rates of 4.70% APR. Get back via email for details.

Jason McDow
Alpha Financial Solutions Ltd.

Hello Jason,

My email is hason@bestareainvestorsllc.com and my contact number is 910-587-1157.  I look forward to talking with you.  Thanks.


Ha'Son Allah

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