Mid-West Family homes has the following lending opportunity:

Subject Property: 505 3rd Ave NE

As-is Value (rehab already underway):                            $125,000

Purchased Price:                                                           $70,000

Rehab:                                                                          $34,000

ARV:                                                                           $139,000

This is a property is owned by Mid-West Family Homes Inc. Rehab has already been started and is scheduled to be completed on January, 17 2014. We will refinance the entire project and give first position for $104,250.  Estimated hold time after completion is 30 days plus 6-8 weeks for appraisals.  We will pay a lump sum P&I payment upon sale of subject property.  For example: If loan is funded on 1-17-14 and the property is sold on 4-17-14 you will receive one lump sum on 4-17-14 for $110,247.50.  Lender will be listed on insurance policy as mortgagee and mortgage will be recorded with Codington County of South Dakota.   For more information please contact Ryan@mwfhomes.com or my Cell (605) 881-3641.


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Send me details of this project to scharlesthomas1@gmail.com

or call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partner (515) 554-5541


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