Residential/Commercial/Hard Money funding small RV park


Does anybody offer funding for the following:

3 acres land with a mobile home and 12 RV pads (consistently full with oilfield workforce). Located in TX).

Asking price $320k. Income approx. $60k gross, $48k net.

Either commercial or residential. Loan based on asset/income (no Fico etc.). Hard money/bridge loan fine as well. 

Need fast closing!



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Hello Anke,

Can provide a loan based on the pads income. Looks like the income is sufficient to service the debt. This would be hard money - no minimum FICO. Contact me to discuss further (800) 230-1424.

Doug Braxton
Commercial Mortgage Broker
Braxton and Company
P: (800) 230-1424

can I get your business plan/executive summary have included in this you need an appraisal.

Send to:

No appraisal has been done yet. Also still waiting to receive P/L from seller.


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If interested, send me at samcthomas45@gmail,com your executive summary of the project or business plan.

What is the LTV/LTC for an RV park?



Up to 60% LTV

Thanks, Samuel, but I'm looking to get a higher LTV.

Ok, I am here for you.


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