Require JV Partner To Find, Flip and/or Hold Mortgage Notes

The Note Business Is Big and Hot 

Everyone Wants Them

Performing & Non-Performing

Notes can be flipped same as houses. My JV Partner need only provide funds for marketing (Post Cards - Performing Notes Only) Note Buyer in Cincinnati, OH will buy all the discounted performing notes I can find. He pays a 10% Finders Fee and does all the Due-Diligence. Source of these notes are Homeowners that provided owner financing to get their house sold. These notes can be in any State, even rural areas. As long as the deal makes sense. He does not put up deposit, until Due-Diligence is complete. There is no risk, other than cost of Post cards. Split on 10% Finders fee is negotiable. If My Cincinnati connection doesn't want them, I have a data base of 300 note buyers that will.

Non-Performing Notes are easier to find, post cards not required. These may require a deposit, we can buy them and resell same day. C Buyer in place before hand. I can get Transactional Funding at 0 points if required, to buy the note for a day. My JV Partner, need only put up Earnest Money Deposit. You are paid at the closing table.

This is about the lowest risk Real Estate Venture

you will find. Lets Talk!

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