Looking to purchase condos in Myrtle Beach. Have $100,000 collateral to use as down payment. These will be positive cash flow only. Need the loan for 3-5 years. Please contact damenps@hotmail.com or call 410-726-5658. See attached plan.

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I would like to learn more about your project. Please email me a summary of the project and executive summary. I would like to review it with my capital partner.

Therin Hill, MBA


Peter, if you ever need us, please review our offer, thanks.

100% For the Purchase 100% Rehab

 Rehab Mortgages ALL 50 STATES



Investor loans on 1 - 4 Family small apartment buildings.

LIEN POSITION: First mortgage only. 


6 months with monthly extensions up to 12 months.



Up to 100% of the purchase and rehab, subject to: (i) a minimum borrower funded reserve of 12.5% of the loan amount and prepaid interest for six months, and (ii) up to a maximum LTV of 65% of the After-Repaired-Value of the property.



Renovation in three draws, and wired directly to your account. Rehab portion of the loan typically not to exceed 100% of acquisition cost.


GUARANTEE: Personal guarantee required.


Investor Assessment Form

(For Each Loan)

Purchase Agreement

Summary of Rehab Work to be Completed

After-Repair-Value Appraisal (Obtained by Stanford)

Title Policy (Obtained by Stanford)

Stanford Deal Submission Form

Pictures of Rehab Property

Home Inspection

3 months of Bank Statements

2 years of Tax Returns

3 Most Recent Pay stubs

Signed 4506-T




Have a Powerful Day

George R. Mallory, VP of Finance

Direct:  917-653-5215

Fax:      917-210-2968

Email: georgeM@stanfordestatecapital.com

Website: https://www.stanfordestatecapital.com/

27 North Wacker Drive Suite 1121 Chicago IL 60606

Conference Line: 712-432-0360 Code: 1078921#

Do you still need a loan?  If so, send a reply or email me.

Good Day, Unsecured and secured business loans 25,000 to 500,000. Commercial mortgages and business financing 500,000 to 50,000,000 1 to 10 years Interest only 5%to 6% Refinance: Up to 90%Loan to value Purchase: Up to 95%Loan to Purchase maxed out at 95%LTV Rehab based on ARV NO Pre Pay Please email your loan request to

Abdulrahmanloanservice@gmail.com Telephone
​Office: (442)-444-1820 Mobile:(562)-265-8433
Website www. abdulrahmanfinances.com
Best regards Abdul Rahman


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