Allow me to introduce ourselves to you. My name is Matthew Segaali and I work for 
Ms Madona and Michael Inc. We are located on 47 Magnolia St. Malden Massachusetts 02148
We are Real Estate Investors and we have gone into contract with the buyers based in California USA and they are buying our three executive single families each on 15,000 sq feet in Weston Massachusetts .Each house is sold at $6M and the three are $18M. They will pay for those houses in twelve months starting next month of May2013
They will not make the first payment when we have not executed the Letters of Credit in the amount of $18m. That one will act as the proof for them that their money will not be lost.We have the outstanding engineers and constructors in the country. 
Thus that is where we need to work with you ,have the LC for one year,they will not touch it or use. In case of any question,please e-mail me or call me on 781-322-0141.
We look forward to working with you.
Matthew Segaali

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did you close yet? What are constrctors? is that a fishing boat? this shit is suspect~


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