Rental Real Estate Financing Needed on portfolio of 1-4 Unit Property Purchase

We are looking for financing for purchase of 1-4 unit rental properties in Milwaukee, WI.  We like to purchase 5-10 properties at a time but on occasion have 20+ property portfolios.  We look at both recourse and non-recourse but prefer blanket commercial loan over all properties at purchase with the longer the fixed rate term the better.

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We give out all kinds of loans with a very low interest rate of 2%. Contact us with your name, country, loan amount needed, loan duration, monthly income,cell phone number,sex via E-mail

This sounds like something I could do.  Are the properties currently cash-flowing?  Please send me an e-mail at and I'll get your application started.

Michael Henry 800-442-4203 ext. 106

Hi JJ,

I have several lenders that would have interest in your properties but would need more documents from you.          Borrower Documents that include: Personal Financial Statement, Schedule of Real Estate Owned, 2 years of completed Tax Returns, Bio, Entity if applicable, and a erification of down payment if not included in the Financial Statement. I also would need property documents that include:  marketing package, Letter of Intent (Executed), Purchase Contract,  2 years and YTD operating statements, trailing 12 months numbers including the past three months rent rolls, and Environmental Study and a Survey if available.  I can be contacted at or 636-614-6306.

Diane Charles

Hi Diane,

Your email returned to me.  Could you check the email listed is correct?

Sorry, it's


Please provide me your email address and I can send you information and procedures for a blanket loan.

Best Regards,

Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services





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