“No Payments for 90 Days”


Finance 90% of your

Purchase and Rehab Cost



  Stated Credit Score!

  Stated Income!

Stated Assets!

  • 5 Year Loan Term.


  • 12.9% Interest Only.                          
  • No Prepayment Penalty. 
  • Unlimited Loan Renewal Options.
  • 15 or 30 year Amortization Options. 
  • 75% Max LTV of the “After Repaired Value” (ARV).
  • 60% of Appraised Value for a Cash-Out Refinance

Stephen Mitchell


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I have a property in Texas.  If you're interested in that area, contact me at kenb@kentaraproperties.com

Please send application and procedures to stonecreekfs@yahoo for this Rehab loan program.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services

Phone: 510-575-1709

Fax: 1-855-203-6081


Please send requirements to stonecreekfs@yahoo.com.


Arnold Walker

Please send your requirements to scot@statewidemontgomery.com. I have a property under contract am in need of purchase and rehab funds.



We have a property that the ARV is 145k and we owe 125k to our lenders.  The property has been fully rehabbed.  We would like to refi with a long term loan in order to rent/lease to own the property.  Would this be something you could help with?  Please email me at chris@purplepliersinc.com

Hi Michael!

What are your lending states?

Thank you,




Please send me a packet and your credentials.  We have two investment properties that have just been fully rehabbed.  Already turnkey.  We would like to refinance them due to the fact that our hard money loans are coming due and we need more time to sell them.

Thank you,


Contact me at lschuman@zoominternet.net please.

Iwould like more info on your requirements.

Dear Sir:

Recently I formed a Company (llc) specializing in the acquisition. rehabilitation and management of distressed multi-family properties so as to provide "affordable" housing for the disabled, elderly, homeless and displaced veterans. At this time our only financing options are hard money or private money sources, however, even the hard money lenders require "some skin in the game" of approximately 20% down payment or some form of "gap" funding. Therefore, I am quite interested in your lending criteria for “rehabbing” both SFR or multi-family properties as well as the states in which you fund in.

I have approximately 30 yrs of (P/T) experience investing primarily in SFR properties, while my partner has over 40 yrs of General Contracting experience, thus making the “rehabbing” of distressed multi-family properties a logical investment strategy by which we can provide both much needed affordable housing while quickly establishing a solid equity base for possible cross-collateralization.

William R. Wynn                                                                                                                                                                   941-235-2349                                                                                                                                               thewynngroup@gmail.com

Is this program available in Chicago? If so pls contact me asap! thx aaron vaughn 773 673 8409

Please forward more info on your program and your contact info gbhproperties@gmail.com

Thank you


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