Thank you. Below is the full scenarios. Please advise of what Requirements and  documents I need to provide you. Carol 954-520-1469
All properties are to be held in LLC
I personally have 800+ credit scores
Total requested amount: $256,000 can have separate loans.
Need to refinance to recoup renovation cost and get out of hard money loan to permanent loan.
Address:  West Palm Beach, Fl 33404
3/2 home rehabbed with contiguous lot.
Current market value: $90,000-110000
Seeking cash out refinance :$72,000 for 30 years at 5% Yet I am flexible on rate and also can do a balloon payment.
Payoff of 1st Mortgage $40,000 
Original Purchase Price (closed 4/16) : $54,000 Plus $4800 paid outside closing as we had to redeem properties from Tax Auction.
Rehab cost $25,000: Baths, Kitchen, Ac, Appliances, landscaping, sprinklers, Wall and window repairs, Interior and exterior paint.
Lease amount: $1,400 per month
Property #2
Address: 1200 W 37th St. aka 100 AC Evans, Rivera Beach, FL 33404
4 units a 2/1
Current Market Value: $230,000
Seeking cash out refinance: $184,000 for 30 years at 5% Yet I am flexible on rate and also can do a balloon payment.
Payoff of 1st Mortgage $140,000
Original Purchase Price (closed 3/16): $100,000 plus $3500 in water liens and $2500 in code violations
Rehab cost: $55,000
Leased for total of $4250 per month

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Send me details of your project to with your phone number.

Ms. Brenner

I'm able to help you secure funding for this project, I can get both properties under one loan. Please contact me at


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