Looking to refinance an investment duplex in NJ. Worth $660k, owe $270k. Will consider hard money. I need about $60k from my equity. I have good credit and both units are currently rented. Cash flow profit about $650 a month right now after expenses. Debt ratio won't allow me to use conventional financing because I have mortgages on 5 investment properties right now. FICO 698. Who can help?"

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Hello Tina.

I sent you a PM a moment ago. I have the perfect lender for this refinance and I would be happy to make this happen for you! I am a broker for Select Mortgage. We offer financing for investment property in all 50 states. Hope to hear from you!

Hey Tina,

Don't see a need for hard money based off what you have written but still need a little more information. Feel free to contact me @ admin@stranixcapital.com



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