Contact me for all kinds of loan.

It is fast and reliable..No prepayment penalty.

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 need proof of funds for up coming projects do you provide this.

what is your minimum loan amount on single family

Could I get more information on this please.

Email me @

Do you finance purchase and rehab and carry cost ?   Let me know your rate .  Thanks Ed

What is your loan criteria? Can you send more information please.


Terri Lewis


I want to buy a gas station on a bussy road between Antalya-Burdur in Turkey so I need 2 millon USD for this project.

Could you provide this fund whom I need?


Recep Budak

Antalya - TURKEY

Looking for fix & flip funding in the amount of $120,000

Willing to pay 7% plus 10% of profits. 3-6 mths time frame (always negotiable)

ARV: 165K

Price: 74K

Repairs: 30K

Holding,closing, taxes: 16K

Potential profit: 45K

At 3 mths: potential profit for investor is $2,100 plus $4,500 = $6,600

At 6 mths: potential profit for investor is $4,200 plus $4,500 = $8,700

I have a team in place: attorney, contractor, RE agent

If you feel you can help me, please contact me @

Send me information at



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