We are a financial institution and As a Direct Lender and Angel Investor, We will get you Pre-Approval within 8-24 hours.
Specializing in Real Estate Investors Funding, Construction Loans, Start up Loans,Mortgage Loans, HUD Personal Loan, Business Loan, FHA Loans ,VA loans Conforming
Loans etc.We fund early stage-start-up ventures, partnership, existing Ventures and do total completion and investment expansion projects. Leverage walk-in equity on
discounted commercial or residential purchases by employing our funds for down payment & closing costs. Qualify for better Rate & Term based on a lower LTV but still
achieve high CLTV or REPLACE down financing. Funds available for acquisition, rehab or carrying costs including CASH-OUT! Advance equity fund disbursement based on
verifiable walk-in equity. No income, asset or credit requirements. Seasoned Funds for reserves and earnest money also available. Brokers welcome! Contact us for
start-up funding, commercial RE Finance, seed capital, early stage start-up ventures, Joint Venture/Partnership investment with liquidity from our part,
Loan,Mortgages. We can fund excess of $800M.

Contact us now with an application and we will review, confirm and get back to you with the funding proceedings.

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How do I get more information and an application. I am seeking funding to purchase a home.

Hi ,

Do you help for investment requirements in bangalore,india.
If yes, please let me know the procedure on kiranreddy.sagam@gmail.com


Please send your contact information for real estate funding. We've been purchasing and renovating properties since 2009. A few we hold as rental properties and the rest we flip in the Chicagoland area. We have two properties that were purchased with cash and renovated, and would like to get financed so we can move on to the next project.

Please let me know how to reach you. Thanks

Christine P

Hi Christine,

 I can help with the funding and i just contacted you through you email VIPStrategy@gmx.com with a brief info to begin the process. Thanks


I have a client that is looking for private investor to fund a back to back flip on a pool of residential properties.  The flip will require total funding in the amount of $8M and 30 days.  Contracts are in place now.  End buyer is well-qualified.  Client is willing to pay $1M in fees.

David Harrell




Can you help me?

I'm looking for investors or lenders for the construction of a factory for the production of furniture in Ukraine.


Good morning!

I am sourcing debt and or equity financing for the purpose of purchasing several (20-34) properties in the same geographical area to stabilize, rent and refinance.  The loan will be completely re-paid with interest in 18-24 months and I am currently require $3.5 Million to complete all necessary purchases & rehabilitation.  Current acquisition and rehab cost is at 75% LTV and will be 55% LTV within 24 months. I have about $1.1 M on my balance sheet currently and have a middle score of 666.  A line of credit product would be of most interest.

If you feel you have a product that would fit my needs please reach out with your complete contact information and an outline of your program including LTV, LTC, reserve and costs.

Best Regards for a health and prosperous New Year,

Scott Niblack

Terra Development, LLC

Terra Realty & Management, Inc.

Real Estate and Property Investment Solutions






101 N. Spring Street, Suite 3109

Aspen, Co 81611


2630 Curtis Street

Denver, Co 80205


Brian, my associates and I are looking for several funding options for projects in Chicago and the surrounding area. Can you  provide more information and how we can establish a relationship? Feel free to email me at kalonjimitchell@yahoo.com.

Thanks in advance.

Is this opportunity available to Asian countries. If so please send me details to buchariaz@gmail.com


I have several deals & clients in need of your services.  Call or text me asap.

Dave Harrell


Can you do 250k mortgage in Nevada?


I am seeking a $30,000 bridge loan to expand my real estate investment business.  How can I find out more about your requirements?




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