The REQI Company has a working platform to capture the lion's share of desirable distressed property leads. We are looking for both hard money lenders and credit partners to provide funding for high ROI deals in every market.

REQI is an acronym for Real Estate Query Interface. The REQI Company was formed under a partnership agreement between Sean Francisco, Owner of Lake Cumberland Home Builders, Inc. and Linda Pliagas, CEO-Founder of Realty411 The Magazine and Manifest Media Partners.

We are the first IT Firm to specialize in custom lead and instant messaging systems that primarily serve the Real Estate Industry.   

We have unlimited access to highly motivated sellers and we contact them within minutes of them listing their property in any of the major classified sites. The company has decided to build an Exclusive Investors Network for Members to fund or obtain funding for the very best off market, rehab,  and fsbo properties.

Members may elect to take advantage of the JV Program to either initiate or participate in Property Deals. The REQI Company is a technology partner in all Property Deals initiated by our Members. Participation is limited to Bona Fide Investors and Credit Partners. There are no upfront fees to join and we only get paid on the Property Deals that close.   

The REQI Company has successfully had one product launch, with projects under contract with Appbury and others in development. We have the tech know how to cherry pick the best distressed property leads in all markets.

Please feel free to contact me with your interest. Various other  tech investment opportunities exist.


Sean Francisco

The REQI Company

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Hi Sean!

I work for a real estate financing company, ReCasa Financial Group. We lend to real estate investors in OH, PA, IN, IL, TN, KS, MO, NC, SC, NY & NJ. We are a private lender offering 100% financing for rehab investments. 

If you interested in learning more, please feel free to call us at 614.221.6770, email us at info@recasafinancial.com, or visit our website www.recasafinancial.com

Thank you,

Nikki Lawler

Hi There!

Thanks so much! Of course I'd love to have more information about the qualifications you require for your program. My company is building a firm for proven real estate investors who enjoy an excellent reputation and credit record. Please send me any information you have to seanfrancisco@live.com.


Sean Francisco

The REQI Company 

Will do. Where are you located? We require the borrowers to reside in the same location as the investment property. 

Hi Nikki!

The REQI Company is located in Kentucky. The company was formed as a result of a partnership agreement between myself and Linda Pliagas, CEO-Founder of Realty411 The Magazine and Manifest Media Partners.

You can find more information about Linda and her company at www.realty411guide.com.

Our networks include real estate investors from all 50 states.This particular program is limited to proven investment professionals with excellent credit. We are looking for lending agencies to help our network members finance property deals from our exclusive off market listings site.




Wonderful. I will have my colleague follow up with you. 


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