Real Estate Investment Purchase Contract Financing Wanted

New School Real Estate Investors LLC (NSREI) is seeking Real Estate Investment Purchase Contract Financing from Real Estate Investors Nationwide.

* Annual Interest Rate - Twenty-Five Percent (25%). 

* Real Estate Investment Purchase Contract Discount - Twenty Percent (20%).

* Real Estate Investment Purchase Contract Term - One (1) Calendar Year.

* Principal And Interest Payable Quarterly.

* Quarterly Principal And Interest Payment 100% Guaranteed My Major Financial Institutions.


NSREI currently has Two (2) Real Estate Investment Purchase Contracts available for financing.

* Contract #1 - $7,218,752 - Real Estate Investment Contract Amount

   Real Estate Investment Location - Saint George, Utah.

   Financing Amount - $5,775,000.

* Contract #2 - $5,906,250 - Real Estate Investment Contract Amount. 

  Real Estate Investment Location - Spring, Texas

  Financing Amount - $4,725,000.

* New Real Estate Investment Purchase Contracts Available Weekly Requiring Investor Financing. 

* For complete Real Estate Investment Purchase Contracts Information, please contact us at or (832) 423-5573.

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Are there any good blogs or sources about marketing and real estate? I'm currently getting info via Marketer, it's pretty useful for amateurs and experienced users. 

Our related funding source FEL USA reviews, on average 30 new transactions daily with financing requests, on any new funding request transaction, they simply need the attached form completed in order to send you one of the 14 different worksheets that they use to and then determine exactly what type of financing would be available for your related funding request.

None of their worksheets ask for the client/borrowing company's name or address and neither do they contain their name or contact information at this time.

David Lee ( Introducer/Referring Agent) ; The referral service is allowed under section 1 of regulation 407/07 (Exemptions from the requirements to be licensed in Ontario, Canada)

Registered Affiliate, Independent Referring Affiliate Partner and Finance Agent

***As an independent introducing/referral agent, please do your own DD FIRST on your side before moving forward to any funding stage with the related principle(s) & other parties ***

skype : lee.david.wai.kam
Company Email : or
Private Email: or



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