Real Estate Investment Opportunity In The USA’s Largest Oilfield. Annual rental returns year on year of up to 42%. Minimum investment US$30k.

Investment Summary

There are few commodities more important than oil when it comes to global supply and demand.

The USA is the world’s largest consumer of oil. It is also in the fortunate position of having discovered one of the largest oilfields on the planet in North Dakota. Known as the Bakken Formation, the oilfield has led to the International Energy Agency predicting that the US will become the world’s top oil producer by 2017.

The Bakken Formation is causing a stir across the world and has been featured recently by the BBC, CNN, National Geographic, Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. This is new, current, and causing waves across the USA as engineers, oil and service sector workers and labourers flock to North Dakota in search of jobs and opportunities, where even manual labourers are paid as much as $150 per hour. Of course, it goes without saying that the large oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and Halliburton are already heavily involved.

The Bakken Formation’s explosive economic impact and its remote location have created a unique situation, with some 15,000+ oil and service sector workers currently struggling to find accommodation. Thousands are being forced to sleep in tents or in their cars, in an area where sub-zero temperatures are common.

This is where we come in, offering low cost, technologically advanced and high end Executive Hotel Studios. The Executive Hotel Studios provide the high quality accommodation option that the oil and service sector workers are lacking. The Executive Hotel Studios are therefore positioned to take advantage of income supported by oil companies.

50% fractional ownership of an Executive Studio is US$30.950

Single Executive Studio US$54.950

Suite of 6 Executive Studios US$319.700

Investment Potential

Annual rental returns year on year of up to 42.07%

Up to 8% pa Growth in Nightly Rate

15,000+ oil and service sector workers with no accommodation and rising

Rental income supported by multinational oil companies

Realistic occupancy rates of over 90% in the area

The Location - Booming Bakken Formation Region

At the heart of the astonishing US oil boom is the Bakken Formation, which is enabling North Dakota and parts of Montana to defy the laws of economics during the current economic climate. With more oil in reserves than Saudi Arabia and the UAE combined, the pressures from this rapid growth are evident. According to recent reports there could be as much as 24 billion barrels of oil in the Bakken Formation, more than double the amount originally thought.

As a result of this incredible prosperity and with money flooding the area, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the USA, with less than 1% unemployment in some locations. Naturally, land prices are rising dramatically.

Currently only a tiny fraction of the 45,000 (and rising) oil and service sector workers have suitable accommodation. The vast majority are sleeping in their cars, tents or trailer parks. The Bakken Formation’s location just below Canada means the weather can be extremely cold, creating a health and safety nightmare for the multinational oil companies looking to ensure the health and welfare of their staff.

The situation has created an incredible, untapped opportunity to provide accommodation in this area for the thousands of cash- rich oil and service sector workers struggling to find somewhere to live.

The Development

A ‘Home Away From Home’ Community

The small percentage of Bakken workers lucky enough to have accommodation are often living in substandard single rooms commanding extortionate rent. We are set to change this with a new Serviced Hotel Development, which is ideally located with a range of amenities and facilities. The high quality, affordable accommodation, with its full range of recreational facilities and services, will ensure your tenants commit to long term, regular long term contracts.

Furthermore, a high quality, fully equipped on-site restaurant, manned by qualified chefs, will provide a host of nutritious meals 24 hours a day. Companies such as ExxonMobile, Chevron, Halliburton, Hess and BP are particularly interested in such a premium service offering. This will ensure that this development will be their first choice when accommodating their workforce.

Workers and their companies will benefit from accommodation ideally located within a short drive of hundreds of oil fields, creating a significant cost saving in terms of travel time.

Our fully furnished, feature rich, Executive Hotel Studios are finished to the very highest quality, setting the standard for comfortable accommodation for the oil and service sector workers.


The Largest Oil Field in the USA With an estimated 24 billion barrels of recoverable oil using today’s technology (out of around 650 billion available) and more oil than Saudi Arabia and the UAE combined, the Bakken Formation is generating incredible wealth and creating job opportunities for the next 60-80 years. This means your investment will provide long term passive income.

15,000 Oil and Service Sector Workers Without Proper Accommodation... and Rising

With such a huge number of workers sleeping in tents, trailer parks and even their own cars unable to find suitable accommodation, there is an urgent unmet demand for quality, furnished lodgings. Other companies are experiencing a very difficult time building in North Dakota due to a lack of knowledge, contacts and experience,

and on occasion, as soon as they send workers to build the site their staff are poached! By using cutting edge building technology, the developer is able to build the main structure offsite as it is a commercial modular lodging, and then transport it to the Great American Lodge Service Hotel Development site, thus eliminating this problem and meet the demand. This not only ensures high occupancy rates but an opportunity for solid rental income for investors.

Rental Income Potential

Rental Income Supported by International Oil Companies

It is common for large oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Halliburton, Hess and BP to provide housing and accommodation allowances for their workers, in some cases paying the property owner directly. This is one of the perks of working on an oilfield site. This provides investors with a credible and consistent rental income for the long term.

Annual rental returns year on year of up to 42.07% and with an Up to 8% pa Growth in nightly rate over 10 years the rental yield can be up to 602%.

Exit Strategies

1. Long Term Hold

Compared to the yields and returns offered by bank accounts and the volatility with stocks and shares, a passive rental income of up to 42.07% makes a tremendous return to hold for the long term.

2. Sell to an Investor/Fund

As a performing property asset achieving a substantial yield and exceptional year-on-year profit, and with an effective management company in place, this will be an extremely attractive sale to another investor or fund.

3. Sell to an Oil Worker

With the average salary already over $200,000, oil and service sector workers would be highly interested in purchasing completed studios in order to stay in them while saving their rental allowance.

4. Developer’s Buy- Back

It is the developer’s business plan to work with both fund and investment firms to sell the Executive Hotel Suites in the future and this is an exit strategy that is already being exercised by fund companies today. You have the option to enter your Studio or Suite into the developer’s buy-back program

Construction is Already Underway

With any property investment, particularly when a project is initially ‘off-plan’, construction progress is of paramount importance to any purchaser.

Since the developer acquired the site in early June 2013 work is now underway on Great American Lodge. Relevant permits and licenses are in place to construct the Serviced Hotel Development and the ground works commenced shortly after this and the site entry road, utilities installation work, land grading and foundation placement commenced in the same month.

12 test units have been on site since early June and are now being used for on-site workers where appropriate. The first 160 Executive Hotel Studios have been constructed through a modular build process at the factory and shipped to the site where they have being secured to the foundations in sequence.

The entire site is due for completion in September 2013 and due to be occupied by 16th October 2013.

The first 2 plots are already sold out and the 3rd one is selling quickly so investors are moving fast to own a part of this unique development.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact at me so I can send you more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

William Mckee

North Dakota Developments

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