I am currently looking for professional, self-motivated people who want to earn a lot of cash while helping homeowners in distress with their mortgage.  We have a new program that will allow the homeowner to choose whether they want to keep their home or walk away with a short sale.  This program will allow the homeowner to keep their home if they want, pay less for their mortgage note (in some cases it can be half of what they pay now) and the balance of their mortgage will also be less.

For each homeowner that you find that can use this service and you refer them to this program, you get $500.00.  For each homeowner that goes through the program and there is a success, you get 2% commission which is $2,000 based on $100,000 home.  If you are a real estate agent, you get 5% possibly more depending on the state you are licensed in, which is $5,000 or more based on a $100,000 home.

When you introduce someone else to the business and they find clients/homeowners that need the service, when they refer those homeowners, you get $150 for everybody that your affiliate refers to the program.  And if the person your affiliate introduced to the program client/homeowner has a success, you get $250

You will get compensated referral fee plus success fee for helping one homeowner.


Please email me at barbrealtyconsultant@yahoo.com to inquire about this opportunity.  Copy and paste this link into your browser to read more options  www.stayinorwalkaway.com/homemortgagehelp.

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can you  send  me  more information   to  northwestrealestate@live.com

Bruce, we have an orientation call on Saturday morning at 11:30 est time.  The call in number is 805 399-1000 access code 272233#.  Contact me afterwards if you need more information or interested in the opportunity.

hi,  i want to become affiliate or agent and earn money.

i am sure of promoting your business.

please help me to get more details

Vidyasagar, this opportunity is available for citizens in the United States.


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