This program is for direct buyers or investors:

It is directed at those who cannot secure the funds they need through normal investor financing channels. Reasons may include: low FICO score, short amount of time involved, funding amount is too small, etc., or does not qualify for some other reason.

Free & Clear Funding: Short Term, First Position, $20k-$99k - Nationwide  

Funding Program Information:

-          Funding normally occurs in 6-8 working days, not weeks (for qualified deals)  

-          No appraisal, credit check or income verification   

-          Use funds to get past temporary cash flow hurdles 

-          Pay overdue: taxes, liens, HOA fees 

-          Use funds for building permits, closing costs, materials                     

-          Bring payments up to date on other urgent loans 

-          Pay off a small note so property can be sold or refinanced  

-          Get properties out of probate, foreclosure, tax or sheriff’s sale     

-          Don’t tie up your personal capital, use ours 

-          Allows investors to leverage themselves into more deals   

  Funding from $20,000 to $99,000                     

*        Up to 90 days

*        Best used with properties that are owned free & clear by an investor

*        Up to 40% LTV (Loan to Value) of FMV (Fair Market Value)

*        No upfront or hidden fees. Quick funding decisions

*        No points, no interest, no monthly payments. Not a loan.

*        Funding is a cash-on-cash type investment

*        N.O.O. (Non-Owner-Occupied), investor-owned properties only

*        Investment must be secured by a 1st position note/deed

*        Funding transactions are processed by our title/escrow professionals


Cash-on-cash returns rate  1% per day, with a 30-day minimum.  

                                 Cash-on-Cash Return Examples (based on $225k FMV property) 

30 days = 30%*                    $20k invested x 30% = $  6k = $  26k paid back

                                            $40k invested x 30% = $12k = $  52k paid back

                                            $90k invested x 30% = $27k = $117k paid back  

60 days = 60%*                    $20k invested x 60% = $12k = $  32k paid back

                                            $40k invested x 60% = $24k = $  64k paid back

                                            $90k invested x 60% = $54k = $144k paid back 

90 days = 90%*                    $20k invested x 90% = $18k = $  38k paid back

                                            $40k invested x 90% = $36k = $  76k paid back

                                            $90k invested x 90% = $81k = $171k paid back

This program is for direct buyers or investors:   - -

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