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Butch - I have multiple professional contacts seeking funding resources and saw your post.

I would like to find out more information on your requirements to see if referring clients might be a good match for your company please.  I have several in the US and several overseas so I need to know your area.

I look forward to discussing further - Thank you!


Hi Linda,

PME only funds deals in the US, 

Private Money Bank loans 65% LTV on real estate deals. The interest
rate is 2 points + 14-15% for from 6-24 months depending on the deal, occasionally
the terms may go to 60 months. We just lend on 1st deeds of trust. Let me know if you have any needs and I
will hook you up with a loan officer.

Your Friend in real estate,

Butch , Please call Butch 855 702 LOAN(5626)

P.S. Quick turn around time usually 5-10 days, Go Here to Learn More:
To get on my Funding/ Lending Mailing list Go To: and complete the optin form

Go Here to learn about funding opportunities to earn 10-12% on your Money:

Hi if you have investors for sri lanka let me know I have value for money properties regards ishara 0094773848750


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