Not real estate but  a very hard asset (50 year life). Looking to purchase 76 cars for retro fit.  Have an investment grade customer ready to sign. Very short turnaround, 120 days start to finish.  Can guarantee 6% ROI in 120 days. Investor holds title to cars as collateral until they are turned over to end user.  Have an executive summary attached or phone 504-451-1926.

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Orlando, Florida

Direct fund loan can help you with the loan that you seek for but first of all you must tell us how much you seek as a loan and how you intend paying back the loan fund if given to you Direct fund loan do not give its loan to people who do not have a means of generating monthly income for them selfs.  and as well we do not give loan fund that is above $200,000 within a period of 20 years....We offer loans with both long and short term repayment. contact us for further details and information on getting a loan from us and we would be glad to answer any questions you have...

We await your swift response...

Thank you

Derek Pate
Operation Manager DirectfundLoan


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