Purchasing 12 units. 18% Cap Rate. Seeking Loan on 70% of Purchase Price.


    I am purchasing 2 multi-unit properties in Wichita Falls, TX that has 12 units total.  Purchase price is $112,000.  I am seeking a loan for 70-75% of the purchase price.  Units are 75% rented out with long standing tenants.  2 units are under minor renovation.  We will continue to make renovations and rent out the additional units which will greatly raise the Cap rate.  Current rental income of all units before expenses is $3,850 a month.  Current owner wishes to trade up to a bigger project.

We are seeking loan terms that will make sense for this acquisition.  We plan on holding this property long term and refinancing through a traditional lender at a later time.  3-5 year interest only terms would be preferable.  Currently in escrow with a closing date of July 3rd, 2014. 

Contact BrighterPathProperties@gmail.com for more


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LenderCapitalGroup.com may be able to help with your acquisition.

Go to our site and the "Submit the numbers Tab" and we can let you know in about 24hrs.


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