NO Credit Check **********Hard Money Loans**************
NO Income Verification
NO Asset Verification

Investors ONLY
Loan Amounts 20K-up
12-60 Months Terms
35% Down Payment

Eligible Properties
Properties Must be Single Family (1-4 Units) or Commercial 

Arden Gist 
877-570-5594 or email

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Purchases under 100K.  That is what I have.  I am seeking funding for a SFR in the amount of $50,000.00.  I need the funds quickly.  I had previously been promised funds, but no one delivered.  I have a contract sale pending for the full listing price of $95,000.00.  I just need to pay off the note due to the original seller.  He had said that he would carry the note until the final purchaser, but now he has changed his mind, so, I need the funds to pay his note.  How quickly can you fund and what kind of information do you need from me?  Do you need the information about the SFR?  All documents are currently at the title company and any legal issues are being cleared.  I don't know how quickly you can fund, but tomorrow is January 3, 2014, and, if possible, I would like to receive the funding by this date so that the closing can be in the afternoon of January 3rd.  If not, at the latest, on Monday, January 6th.  

You can reach me at  You can reach me by phone @ 682-472-7362.  

Joan Whitley, Real Estate Broker and investor

Application sent check email

We can fund as soon as appraisal comes back! Call me 843-465-3996


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