Providing Proof of Funding, plus a temporary reduction of due diligence fees for High LTV Financing (up to 100% for some projects)

In addition to providing a

  • 100% refund guarantee for due diligence fees (“If your project is viable and factually represented, you get your funding or you get your money back”)
  • and U.S. Escrow for payment of due diligence fees

 We now provide:

  • Proof of funding of a $12 Million USD loan, and the ability to speak directly with the client whose funding we facilitated
  • And a Temporary Reduction of Due Diligence fees (Hurry!  The price goes back up for projects submitted after April 22, 2016!)

We specialize in helping startups and small and midsized companies receive a “Yes” to their funding request, when traditional banking and investment services have previously told them “No”. 

If you have a

  • US or International
  • Business Venture or Commercial Real Estate Transaction that
  • Requires a High LTV Loan (up to 100% financing available for some projects) of
  • $2 Million USD or more

Brokers are welcome and compensated.

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