Project Principals In Need Of Funding......Look no Further

If you or anyone that you may know is in need of funding for commercial projects, contact us. Available funding range from $1M to NO CAP. We offer creative financing programs to fit your project and or situation including certainly not limited to, Joint-Venture Financing. Private Lenders and Hedge Funds that we are direct to, are in some cases willing to negotiate terms. Most of our sources will require 10-30% to get the deal done. However, depending on much the lender likes the deal, your project could be funded 100%. By send us an executive summary along with a completed intake forms, we can have an answer for you within 48 hours as to whether or not our private lenders want to move forward. Typically we have no less than three funding sources reviewing your project. This allows you the Principal to choose the rates and term that better suit you. Please No Brokers, Principals Only.

All projects are and will be considered, although real estate in our lenders sweet spot. Serious inquiries only.


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I am looking for a bridge loan in order to leverage my buying power, for investment,  commercial /
residential/ land and multifamily properties. I have about 4 properties/projects. I NEED FUNDING NOW  !!! I have two others deal funding in 60 days and one in 90 days that has closed that will able me to pay back the investment in full.Plus,I have GOLD trades I can run every 14 days after closing these projects.
Please contact me at 678-768-7228 or email



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