We are interested in commercial projects by experienced Developers and Investors.
We are interested in projects that are potentially viable, can be financed and are profitable.
We are Not Accepting funding requests where the principal / entity has no cash for the project.

At least 10% of the total project cost in liquid cash
A detailed Executive Summary or Business Plan with a clearly defined Exit Strategy
A strong Management Team in place
The ability to create value and generate a healthy profit

No Upfront Fees with optimal options for your project through a variety of sources.

Institutional Lenders, Life Insurance Companies, Conduits, Banks, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Private Equity Capital, Accredited Investors, Capital Investors, Angel Investors and Venture Capital on a global scale.


Contact me to discuss your project and funding request.
You can reach me via Secure Message.


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Dec 28,12

Hello Doug,

Do you consider financing a start up? 95% of the financing will be for commercial development.


Adrian Haid



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