Project finance for 280 Residential Units & Retail High rise complex

Project finance required in Korea...

Company who is going to acquire land & doing 280 residential project in Korea.

The total project cost including land is around $ 200 million dollars and they need $ 70 million dollars loan for the project.

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Do you need a loan at 2% interest?If yes E-mail us on with Name,Country,Amount Needed,Duration&Tel.

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+ 500k min loan amount, no max for real estate and 100k min to 10mill max for all other business
+ 5% fixed rate
+ 10 year term with no real estate
+ 25 year term with real estate
+ Interest only pmts
+ Non recourse
+ 15 point origination
+ Not credit driven, credit problems ok
+ Discharged BK OK
+ No residential real estate needed for collateral
+ 72 hour approvals
+ 45 days to funding
+ 1% fee due after approval
+ Docs needed include:
    + Application
    + Fee agreement
    + Business plan, ideally less than 10 pages
    + Pro forma
    + Executive summary

It's OK if business is not incorporated yet. It does need to be incorporated and business account set up before closing.
                   please call me or email me at 773-257-7481 Derrick Branch

Send me an executive summary please to




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