Our 42 year old A+ BBB rated national company is looking for independent-minded, high performance, sales professionals and professional managers who are willing to work hard in pursuit of their own goals. Our agents can earn substantial incomes marketing our plans both as employee benefits and as valuable tools for business owners. 

Our Candidates must be comfortable dealing with senior level executives and business decision makers. Presentation skills suitable for presenting to groups of 10 to 40 employees at a time are needed. Candidates must be coach-able and willing to follow a proven success system. Training and support resources include: formal classroom training, presentation scripts, audios, videos, training seminars, internet-based training, training manuals, PowerPoint® presentations, and weekly conference calls.

Our lucrative and aggressive compensation package features up-front commission advances, overrides, bonuses, and renewals on commissions and overrides. This unusual commission structure provides the opportunity to earn both substantial short-term immediate commissions, and a solid ongoing residual income stream. A monthly car bonus incentive is also available. Both agents and managers have the option to be paid daily via direct deposit. Our agents often receive commission deposits into their bank accounts within 48 to 72 hours of submitting new business. You can get started in this opportunity while still working at your existing job.

Experienced persons inquire only. Send resume' in confidence to davidversluis(at)gmail.com. I look forward to your response!

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