I have a client who's selling their private portfolio of 127 homes in Atlanta, for $20m to $21m.  The value of the property was just determined last month by Corevest at $24m, also refinanced at 5%. 

The rental income a month is over $120k and if put on the market, should go for an easy $26m to $27m.  The client doesn't want an long process, just something simple and quick.  He can also hold a note of $3m if needed.

Any questions please let me know. 

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Hey Carlos, are you looking for a Buyer here for the Portfolio?  I'm ATL based as well.  Please email me what you have:  SimmyA@gmail.com

I sent you all the information on the package and properties.  Any question let me know. 

Happy to connect, If you ever intend to secure a loan for real estate, I will be able to help. We do 100% financing with one of the best rates in the market.

Contacts: wilson.curtis248@gmail.com

480 645-9237 


Hi Patricia,

We are interested in financing the apartment property depending on the results of our investigation?

Would you please forward an executive summary  to diversifiedfunding@cox.net.

We will respond within 24 hours (work days).
Please include photo of property, rental status, tenant ease term, age of building, 2020 NOI and property value, existing debt, cash out our rate and term?

Hi Carlos,
We are very interest in the 127 homes for sale.
Please provide a detailed executive summary on these properties including photos and addresses.

Thank you,

John Clark, AE
Diversified Funding, Inc
Ph: 405-793-9704

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Call Wilson 480 645-9237 or email: wilson.curtis248@gmail.com


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