Private Money to lend - we want your bank turn downs - rates as low as 6.49%

Yes you read it right!!


Our new soft money program is now down to 6.49%

Here are the parameters - ALL must be met - NO exceptions


•1-4 unit property (already rehabbed/rented) - This is NOT a rehab program

•Commercial program available (rates are slightly higher)

•Minimum LOAN amount is $125k (this is the loan amount NOT the purch price or the value)

•70% max loan to value (all purch require 30% down - no seller 2nd)

•Free and clear cas h out refi 65% ltv

•LTV reduction for 1st time investors

•Available in MOST states

•3 year fixed/30 year term

•6.49% is with 6.5 points/ 7.49% is with 4.5 points

•If your bank has turned you down due to income/DTI - then we want to see your deal!!


Brokers/Realtors/Borrowers - If you have properties already rehabbed (or your borrowers do) and have reached the limit on the number of properties you can finance under FNMA guidelines (bank loans)  this program above is for you!!


Our 100% asset based program (this does NOT mean we finance 100% of the purchase price)


Prop types we lend on : 1-4 unit investment/ Mixed use/ Commercial


Our asset based program is a no credit/no income program with the following guidelines


•Minimum LOAN amount is 15k (this is the loan amount - NOT the purch price)

•Max loan to value is 65% (purch require 20-35% cas h down)

•Cas h out from 50-65% ltv

•Property income is NOT a qualifying factor

•Credit is NOT an issue

•All loans MUST be for business purposes and we only lend to Corps/LLC's

•Rates from 11-13% (100k min loan amt) (for properties that DO NOT need rehab) - we will accept your appraisal and can close in days!

•1-4 unit investment properties + commercial properties + mixed use

•Properties that need rehab 15% I/O for up to 2 years (this program does NOT provide rehab funds)


ARV Rehab Loans


This program is available to experienced well qualified borrowers ONLY (credit/experience/cash in the deal)


For us to lend based on the ARV you must meet all 4 below - NO EXCEPTIONS


•Skin in the deal (10-20%)

•Rehab experience in YOUR name/Your company and be able to prove experience with HUD statements

•600+ fico in most cases

•75k loan amount and up (this is AFTER your skin in the deal)


What we are NOT looking for


"PROJECTS", Development deals, Gas and Oil, Land deals , construction (unless its NYC, NJ, Southern CA, Dallas, Houston and with 20% or more in the deal from the borrower) , water rights, projects, deals where the borrower has no $$ (skin)


We have funds on hand to lend and look forward to closing your deals in 2014!!

Please fill our application attached and email us and back and we will reply within 90 minutes!


Elgin Cepeda

Managing Partner

Financier Investors Group

Phone #206.600.3069


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